2023 Digital Humanities Training: CLIO

CLIO: A guide to the history and culture around you

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 5:00–6:30 PM // McConnell 110

Clio is a free mobile app and website that uses GPS to share local knowledge about historic and cultural sites. Clio is driven by a nationwide network of contributors from communities and institutions—including classes at universities and colleges—who know their history and want to share it with the world. Clio currently has more than 38,000 historical entries from all across the country. Join Dr. David Trowbridge as he introduces Clio, demonstrates how it can be used in classes and communities, and introduces new features such as geofencing, interactive elements, and virtual museum tours.

This will be a hands-on DIGITAL, INTERACTIVE training.

Come and learn! We will have food! Register to attend this event here.


Dr. David Trowbridge

Dr. David Trowbridge (Ph.D. Kansas, 2008) is the William T. Kemper Associate Research Professor of Digital and Public Humanities at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. As part of his research and teaching, Trowbridge uses technology to connect people to history. As part of that effort, Trowbridge authored A History of the United States, a textbook published under a Creative Commons license and available to students and the public in various formats. In 2013, Trowbridge began work on Clio, a website and mobile application that connects people to nearby history and culture. Clio is free for everyone and has grown to over 35,000 articles for individual landmarks and over twelve hundred walking tours and virtual tours of museums and historic sites.

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