September 15, 2022

Publication Design

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ARTS610 // Principles of Typography

The final project in this course is for students to create a publication design. This can be a printed piece or a digital piece (although in Spring 2020 we focused on digital work because of the pandemic). Students were able to envision whatever kind of publication design they wanted (a magazine, a ‘zine, a commercial piece, something for a non-profit, a book, or something experimental. The focus needed to be on the typography, and had to be for a specific audience. 

This project helps students to focus on working with large amounts of text, thinking about designs in a sequence of pages or screens, and thinking about type and design as a system of parts and pieces that is experienced over time. 

The following examples come from three separate semesters.

Work by TingTing Chen // Spring 2020
Work by Joey Furlone // Spring 2020
Work by Aachal Ghimire // Spring 2020